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Many thanks to you and your great crew for doing such a masterful job on our boat. I hope to get many years of enjoyable cruising on the boat in the San Francisco Bay and Delta. You give me confidence that the job was well done.





I would like to compliment the mechanic who did the work. Not only does the engine work excellently but the boat was just as neat and clean as we left it.





Regarding the near insurmountable tasks that you have documented, and the evident superior workmanship demonstrated, I am pleased beyond earthly measure and as I suggested, look forward to placing my boat at your trustworthy marine business in the future.





A quick note to tell you what a great job your mechanic did in repairing and servicing my engine. While I observed what he was doing he was patient and informative and as a result I have a great deal more knowledge about my boat and its operation. With mechanics like that around you will have me as a long term customer.





I greatly appreciate your assistance this week with our leaking fuel tank and just want to say thank you for all your help. It was a rather traumatic experience and we cannot express the extent of our gratitude for the rapid response to the problem. You folks are superlative not only professionally, but also as compassionate human beings as well. Once again, thank you so much for your help.





Thank you for taking such good care of our boat. We feel like we’ll be starting off on the right foot since she’s been in capable hands!





Thank you so much for finding the time to repair my father’s boat. I know how busy you are and I appreciate the extra time you and your crew put in to do this job.





I was impressed with the quality and care that you used in the installation. Everything I looked at was done in a workmanship manner.





As usual, your mechanic did a great job! I appreciate the thoroughness and neatness.





I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the work done on my sailboat. The engine runs great; in fact, it has never run this good for the entire time I have owned it. I really appreciate the great service you provided. I’ll be sure to refer your company to my boating friends.





Just a note to let you know what a pleasure it was to have dealings with your people while you were away. You certainly have a new long time customer. Thanks again.





If it had not been for you we would not have gotten this far. Currently we are at Catalina Island enjoying our cruising lifestyle. Thanks for making a special trip to repair a problem that another boatyard created.









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